Why Choose Us

Mass Dynamics provides high quality and secure GPRS, GPS, GSM Vehicle Tracking and security systems. We install and maintain systems for online vehicle tracking, fuel and mileage tracking, SMS Tracking as well as the alarm system. We seek to provide an affordable service both for personal tracking and large fleet tracking.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Our state-of –the-art GPS platform supports thousands of trackers – all through a single interface. And you’re not limited to a single type of tracker. Choose from lightweight, battery-powered trackers, portable trackers that plug into your car's OBD port, or hard-wired trackers.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Do you need to track a vehicle you own? Will you be moving the tracker from car to car? Will you be able to access the tracker to change its battery? Do you want to track something other than a car? Answer these questions and you’ll be sure to get the right GPS vehicle tracker for your unique needs.

Personal GPS Tracking

Much smaller than a typical cell phone, portable GPS trackers can fit easily into a coat pocket, backpack, purse or briefcase. And their rechargeable batteries last for weeks, which makes it easy to locate your child or elderly relative in seconds.

Our Tracking Systems

Our tracking product is a live fully web-based system that provides an exciting business model that we can customize for each client. . It works primarily on the widely preferred General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) of the Global System for Mobile communications (GMS) networks with integrated Local regional maps and Google Map Links.

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